The Heart

The human heart is simple and the Holy Spirit is the teacher. Every counseling session begins with a prayer, "Holy Spirit, show me the places where there is pain that's not been healed. Where there are lies that I think are truth." In these videos, Nathan Daniel conveys the details of deep heart ministry--the keys to freedom, forgiveness, cleansing, and healing through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Soul Surgeon.

What people are saying.

Freedom Through Forgiveness and Soul Surgeon are must reads for anyone that hungers to learn how to move from forgiving by mental assent to forgiving from the heart as Jesus commanded us to. These masterpieces are like pre-operation work to get your heart scrubbed and ready for deep heart surgery from the Holy Spirit. If you desire inner healing and to be set free from past wounds of the heart, I highly encourage you to read these books. I can testify of what God has done in my own heart from reading Nathan Daniel’s work of art.

Zebulon Hill, Associate Pastor Rock Church, San Diego, CA

I met Nathan and Wanda Daniel in 2011. I was worn down and ready to quit church ministry. My wife recommended I seek their counsel—which I did. During a few days of counseling with Nathan, the Holy Spirit completely changed me and gave me hope to continue. My wife has walked hundreds of people through the same experience by using Nathan’s insights. Now we have a full-time heart ministry pastor who has led nearly a thousand more people to freedom through forgiveness. It has become the most powerful Holy Spirit empowered counseling ministry we offer. This book is a “How To” presentation for you to do the same. There is nothing like it. I give it my highest endorsement.

Tony Foglio, Senior Pastor Sonrise Church, Santee, CA

Nathan Daniel has been uniquely used by God as the counselor and healer of the ministers of the San Diego region. I continually hear stories of how he was used to save marriages, launch people out of depression, and walk others out of suicidal struggles. I highly recommend him as a man with a powerful God-given gift and pray that through his newest book his gifts will be multiplied through the body of Christ at large.

Robert Herber, Senior Pastor All People’s Church San Diego, CA